About Us

CTLA is a minibus transport and travel operator based in Newhaven. We are an award-winning, registered charity, established in East Sussex for over 20 years.

We are proud to provide community transport and travel across East Sussex for communities, people, families, patients, neighbourhoods, students, clubs and groups.

We are especially proud for providing specially adapted transportation for the elderly, disabled, and for those with special needs or disadvantaged.

The ability to access transport and travel is immensely important for our wellbeing and mental health. To be able to leave the confines of our accommodation to visit family, socialise, shop, attend meetings and events, or just to enjoy the great outdoors and nature. To travel greatly helps combat loneliness and isolation.


CTLA drove 345,773 vehicle bus miles across East Sussex in 2022

CTLA completed 79,339 passenger bus journeys across East Sussex in 2022

CTLA visited over 470 different locations across East Sussex (Lewes and Wealden districts) in 2022

CTLA currently has 54 voluntary and paid drivers, logistics and administrative staff.

CTLA has registered UK charity status.

CTLA has been providing community transport across East Sussex for over 20 years.

CTLA is an award winning charity.

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Much more than transport...

Providing community transport, CTLA connects people with their families and friends, local events, shopping centres, community hubs, medical services, hospitals, outdoor recreations places and parks, rural walks, beaches and local eateries and cafes.

Providing community transport frees people from confinement helping to prevent the terrible feeling of loneliness and living in isolation which is a major contribution to mental health problems, addictions and many other personal difficulties.

We provide a special Non-Emergency Patient Transport service helping people meet their medical and health appointments.

We run a shopping service enabling people to get to city centre shopping centres and major supermarkets.

CTLA works closely with social care services, local charities, frontline services and local councils across east Sussex to assist wherever we can.

At Christmas, CTLA visits local neighbourhoods and primary schools with our CTLA Santa Bus, manned entirely by our volunteer drivers, passenger assistants and admin staff who give up their time to bring a little bit of magic and fun for children and parents.

We hope you can see why it is essential (crucial) CTLA continues to serve our communities and ask yourself, what would our communities be without CTLA?

All we ask is for you to support us… help us wherever you can… sign up for our newsletter… send us your donations… share our social media posts and follow us… spread the word about CTLA to family and neighbours you know could benefit from using our CTLA services… thank you.


Proud members of the CTA...

CTA is the national representative body of voluntary sector transport operators covering the whole of the UK. It is the UK’ s biggest provider of quality, training and information on accessible, voluntary and community transport and has been in the forefront of promoting minibus safety for over 20 years.

Our CTLA General Manager Mark Evans, is a member of the National Policy Committee of CTA.


We take passenger safety very seriously...

All CTLA minibuses are fitted with seat belts and all CTLA drivers are MiDAS trained, certified and DBS checked.

All CTLA drivers are regularly tested using MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme). MiDAS is an award winning, and nationally recognised, assessment and training scheme for minibus drivers in the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors and is run via the Community Transport Association.

MiDAS provides both classroom-based theory training and an on-road driving assessment for all minibus drivers and additional training on passenger assistance and the use of wheelchair accessible vehicles, for drivers who will be transporting passengers with disabilities.

Regular refresher training is a significant element of MiDAS and in order to retain their MiDAS Certificate, drivers must attend refresher training every four years.

CTLA aims to meet the community needs that public transport leaves unmet.


To provide an efficient and reliable travel service with excellence and innovation.

  • We Are Dedicated To Our Communities
  • Honest And Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving

Our main mission is to play a leading role in the provision of Community Transport


Dedication to our passengers, our local communities, and the CTLA heritage of service.

  • We Are Dedicated
  • Friendly And Willing
  • Safe To Travel
  • We Are Always Improving

Our vision is to provide reliable, high quality community transport for those who cannot access regular public transport. Community transport helps people to travel and also helps combat loneliness and the feeling of isolation which can lead to bad mental health issues. Travelling by community bus enables you to meet people, make friends and socialise on one of our passenger services, excursions and Travel Club outings.


To make transport available where mainstream transport services fail to provide.

  • Transport When You Need It
  • Transport Where You need It
  • Transport Services For All
  • Fighting Loneliness And Isolation
We will be open to all people and have a desire to say yes – We will show we care, respect, listen and support all colleagues, service users and supporters – We will manage our resources carefully, as every pound counts. We will be efficient, always adapting and creating to ensure sustainability



Government state registered with the Charities Commission.


National member of the Community Transport Association (CTA)


Fully trained under the MiDAS Minibus Drivers Awareness Scheme.


Proud to be a committed to the national Age Friendly employer scheme.