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Community Donations Are Crucial For Providing The Community Transport We need


It is very important (essential) for the people, communities, neighbourhoods and families of East Sussex to have transport and be able to travel – To be able to leave their accommodation and travel to visit and be with family and friends, socialise, shop, attend appointments, attend events –  To be outdoors enjoying the fresh air, nature and wonderful environment around us.

CTLA provides community transport for those without the means to travel – For those without personal transport, for the elderly, handicapped, disadvantaged and especially isolated due to mainstream public bus, road and rail service cuts.

Community transport is also there for – Local schoolchildren in local schools and colleges – Also community bus hire for local clubs, sports clubs charities, care homes and community groups

Being able to travel and having the means of transport, to escape the confines of our accommodation – Plays an important (crucial) part in combatting feelings of isolation and loneliness – Plays a crucial part in maintaining people’s happiness, wellbeing and mental health – Fact!

CTLA has been providing community transport services across East Sussex for over 20 years since 1996.


CTLA transport travels over 350,000 vehicle miles per year – Community transport provides over 80,000 passenger journeys per year – Over 5,000 young people use CTLA community transport each year to get to school and return home.

CTLA transport services cover East Saltdean, Telscombe, Peacehaven, Newhaven, Denton, Seaford, Bishopstone, Lewes, North Chailey, Uckfield, Ringmer, Eastbourne, Polegate.


Providing community transport today is expensive to operate – Covering the operating costs of a fleet of minibuses fuel, maintenance, servicing, repairs, staff and drivers…

CTLA is a not-for profit independent (award-winning) charity since 1996 – Entirely dependent on monies raised from local council grants, sponsorships, awards, and from generous donations received from the general public. local businesses and ongoing fundraising  activities.

As we all know, costs are continually rising – Placing continued pressure and immense financial challenges on community transport operators to provide the essential daily/weekly travel and transport services needed.

The UK government is continually cutting local council grants – Which has a ‘knock-on’ effect on local council spending – Which has a knock-on effect on monies available for the local community transport and travel services we need. With no financial support, many local communities across the south are seeing their local community transport disappear completely.

100% of all donations and fundraising raised and received is spent on providing transport for our communities.


The majority of East Sussex community transport passengers are senior citizens, those disabled or physically challenged and aged 60-90 years of age with 13% of passengers aged 91-100 years of age. We also provide transport for 4,945 young passengers: 3% aged 0-10 years – 8% aged 11-20 – 1% aged 21-30 years of age. 

CTLA has been providing community transport across East Sussex for over 20 years.

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Community Transport enables people to leave their accommodation to visit family and friends, socialise, attend events, attend appointments, work, shop and leave the confines of accommodation to enjoy nature and the outdoors. 

The majority of passengers are senior citizens and those disabled or physically challenged aged 60-90 years of age with 13% of passengers aged 91-100 years of age. We also have 4,945 young passengers: 3% aged 0-10 years – 8% aged 11-20 – 1% aged 21-30 years of age. 

CTLA has been providing community transport across East Sussex for over 20 years.

Community Transport plays an essential part in enabling travel – The ability to travel and leave the confines of accommodation, has proven to help combat feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression and mental illness

CTLA transport services include Dial-a-Ride and Scheduled Services, Travel Club, Group and Club Hire, Non-Emergency patient Transport, Schools and Colleges, Driver Training.

Your donation ensures the regular operation, maintenance and repair of the community transport bus fleet across the communities of East Sussex. Your donation allows people to travel, socialise, attend important meetings. Your donations play an important part helping people’s mental health and wellbeing.

“The CTLA board of trustees offers a sincere thanks to all those that have made their generous donations over the past months and year. All your donations are 100% spent on maintaining the community buses, maintenance of the fleet, and keeping the services operating for communities across East Sussex.”   Phil Clarke, CLTA Charity Trustee Chairman