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CTLA’s Mark Evans addresses Lewes Climate Hub

As part of its travel season, ‘Are we there yet? Imagining travel in Lewes 2030’, Lewes Climate Hub invited Mark Evans of CTLA to talk about the future of buses in the town and beyond, looking at issues such the health of public transport post-Covid, the role of community transport to support wellbeing and social inclusion, and the best incentives to get more people using the bus.

Juliet Oxborrow, director at Lewes Climate Hub, said: “it was great having Mark to give his perspective on the future of buses for rural towns like Lewes. We loved his insight into what we need to do as communities not only to protect the bus services we already have but to boost their growth as a critical solution to climate change.”

About Lewes Climate Hub

Lewes Climate Hub is a centre where anyone is warmly invited to come and learn about and take action on climate change and the nature emergency. 

Located at Lewes House in the centre of Lewes, the Hub showcases the work of more than 30 local climate action, environmental and community groups. It holds talks, workshops and interactive events on issues such as enabling green travel (such as buses!), supporting local biodiversity, and safeguarding the health of our rivers and waterways. The Hub team of volunteers also work closely with local schools, colleges, businesses and councils to help engage a wide audience in local plans to address reduce carbon emissions and safeguard local biodiversity.

Lewes Climate Hub is open Wed-Sat, 11am-3pm at Lewes House, 32 High Street, Lewes, BN7 2LU. Details at www.lewesclimate hub.org or email info@lewesclimatehub.org, Or visit Facebook – @lewesclimatehub.


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